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How Can I Receive
Positive Behaviour Support?

  • Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Behaviour Support is funded under Improved Relationships. We may still be able to provide a form of behaviour support if you are funded under Improved Daily Living dependent on your NDIS plan goals and needs.

  • You do not have to have NDIS funding to access our behaviour support services, however, there are no medicare rebates available for behaviour support.

NDIS information about
Positive Behaviour Support

To further empower participants in choosing suitable supports, NDIS has created Plain English information on PBS including:

1) Five fact sheets for NDIS participants:

  1. What is positive behaviour support

  2. Understanding your rights

  3. Choosing a specialist behaviour support provider

  4. What to expect from your specialist behaviour support provider

  5. What to do if you are not happy with your specialist behaviour support provider.

2)  A searchable list of NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioners is now available here on NDIS website, to help participants find safe and quality support.

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